why my art sucks

sitting here, at 3am, frustrated, trying not to smash my computer screen while looking at this shitty piece of “art” i spent hours working on and as always it never turns out how i want it to. it really sucks that i always get really good ideas to draw but i still lack the skills to translate the ideas exactly the way i want onto the canvas.

i do for a fact enjoy drawing and all but it is really upsetting that i always fail at conveying the right thoughts and emotions while painting due to not having a good grasp of the foundations, especially color theory.

lately i’ve been trying to gather all the necessary courses from anatomy to lighting and colors, and do as many studies as possible to improve and make better art. i pretty much have all the necessary resources, only impediment is laziness and procrastination.

i realized that being a self-taught artist who’s trying to take art seriously is really fucking hard since you have to do everything yourself without having a mentor or someone to correct your mistakes. you just learn through the process with a bunch of accidental realizations and “ahaa” moments that make me discover tricks or know what’s actually wrong with my piece and somehow know how to correct it. so yeah practice really helped me improve. but i still need a fundamental basis and a structure.

that also made me realize that art is like a building; you need a basis and from there you slowly build your piece and render it. besides, no matter how talented you are, it still is a lot of work. it requires a lot of practice and knowledge to craft your skills. it’s not even about coming up with an idea anymore, you could come up with the dumbest idea ever and turn it into something beautiful using your skills. it’s like 10% about the idea, 90% executing that idea.

i really want to get better or at least be able to draw whatever the hell i want without getting art block halfway through a drawing. i’ll try to learn as much as possible from the pirated courses i have (because im brok) and i’ll maybe share things i learned or tutorials or whatever, on here.

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