Boom Boom Satellites appreciation post!

I’m now listening to a song by BBS and I felt a sudden hit of nostalgia that reminded me of the times I used to spend the entire day in my room listening to music all day, surfing through music platforms getting all excited about discovering new genres and artists.

back to 2018! that’s when I finally made my account and honestly I wish I created it sooner. I got really excited during my early months on it, always keeping track of my scrobbles and hunting for new music. one night, as usual, I was shuffling my recommendation playlist, and then a BBS song came on. i was spontaneously grooving real hard to it, heck I couldn’t stop replaying it and put it on loop for hours, which is a thing I don’t usually do because i hate replaying songs! I listened to all of their albums and enjoyed each song and each second of them!! anyway, the moment I discovered them, i was all surprised pikachu face; i was so amazed… but also sad.

i looked them up on google because i wanted to know EVERYTHING about them (yes I tend to do that a lot with artists be it films or music). so they’re a japanese duo, Michiyuki Kawashima and Masayuki Nakano. i was kinda surprised because i thought they were european/american since most of their songs are in english?! but what surprised me even more wass.. when I found out that the lead singer ( Michiyuki Kawashima) had died a long time ago, which is the reason I got sad. i hate it when i discover artists long after they’re dead, it sucks and the music hits different.

now regarding their music, it’s actually pretty unique and diverse, which is what i liked the most about it. even the vocalist’s voice is distinctive and unique. i wouldn’t classify their music as a genre; sometimes it’s rock, sometimes electronic, sometimes techno, acoustic… but it’s mostly a fusion between rock and electro. really a wide range of subgenres. their albums are too varied that you can’t get bored of them! To The Loveless, Exposed and On are my fav. albums.

their music is outstanding, more people should listen to it! even though they disbanded, and one of them died, their music and legacy will live on and i will keep listening to it for the rest of my life! here are my top 3 BBS songs: