Beyond music

You ever came across a song that made you feel different things all at once?

A song that feels like a dream? A song so delightfully dark, cold, that you deeply feel in every inch of your body?

Well I have, multiple times. It’s like finding a hidden gem. It’s one of the things that make me appreciate life a little more. Isn’t it weird how a piece of sound can instantly change the way you feel?

I was listening to a witch house playlist and found this song. I got instantly mesmerized, it made me feel so weird. Brought back memories, but what surprised me, was that the memories are not real ones. They’re from very old -interconnected- dreams I had, in my own dream realm.

A lot of songs make me feel this way, especially when I first hear them. I would even compare it to a drug trip, a very good one. I’ll share more of the songs that really impacted me, in a good/bad way, when and how I discovered them. Until then, here is a song that I could describe my dreams by.