Hi there!

I’m Hiba, aka Kero. You have stumbled upon my personal website! :j


So what is this website about?

I made this website as a place to dump all random thoughts about things I like, things I don’t like, slices of life, and also a place to document and organize my art progress!
Speaking of my art, I’m currently a digital art hobbyist experimenting with different art styles and softwares. I haven’t given up on trad drawing but ever since I got my graphic tablet, I’ve been busy exploring digital art tools and drawing on computer!
Regarding my art style, well, I don’t really have one. Sometimes I like painting vibrant and neon colors, other times just play with dark/b&w values. Sometimes I’m into abstract/surreal art and other times just plain portraits or landscapes. I don’t mind drawing in a goofy anime/semi-realistic style and I don’t see it as lesser than realismas long as it looks nice to me.

I like music, languages, and all sorts of art!

I have many interests and opinions on a number of subjects, and many drawings that I’d like to share. So stick around and enjoy!!